Cruising & Sailing Information

Cruising & Sailing Information

A Lifetime Cruise - Hawaiian Cruise - An Exotic Hawaiian Cruise Trip

Hawaiian Cruises are everyone's dream cruise to the HawaiianIslands on an exquisite ocean liner. Being pampered from dawnto dusk with exemplary cuisine, entertainment and fun for all that too for a moderate sum on a Hawaiian Cruise isdefinitely something out of the world.

River Cruises Can be Such a Rich Experience

Exploring Europe can be such a unique experience with a River Cruise. You just unpack once on this floating hotel and there you go cruising with river cruises over magnificent castles, significant towns and cities, appealing villages and lavish vineyards.

Family Cruise: Family Get-Together for Fun

Family Cruise: Happy Times you will not forgetA family cruise is a perfect getaway with loads of fun and excitement for everybody. Whenever you have kids bored with the usual stuff amusement parks, theater and all and your spouse needs a change, plan a cruise.

Asia Cruises: A Journey in the Exotic World

Asia Cruises: Lasting Impressions of Culture and TraditionAn Asia cruise is a voyage of discovery, an experience of cultural extravaganza of Asian civilizations. Asia is biggest continent with the lengthiest coastline and the highest mountains of the world, the Himalayas.

Sailing Hints & Tips

I spend almost all my summers sailing around the Greek islands. With this small article I would like to share some sailing hints with you that will help you enjoy the most out of your sailing holidays.

Monaco Yachts

Sea and rich people: where else to find a better combination than in Monaco! A real Monaco yachts parade can be admired throughout the year in the Hercule Port, beside the local yearly yachting events. From imposing, big-sized ones to neat, small, jewel yachts.

School for Sails, by Capt. Cary Hanna

Gorgeous, acrobatic, and lit-up, Sailfish rank as the # 1 sporty catch of south Florida. But there is a lot involved in the catch and release of these sought after game fish, after all their not the best table fare.

Carribean Cruise

Caribbean Cruises are among the most demanded cruise vacations in the world; with almost two million plus travelers sailing on different liners every year. Warm tropical climates sprinkled with great beaches, exotic foods and excellent tourist spots in a chain of fine islands is a hot tourist destination in the world.

Carnival Cruise - A Perfect Holiday - Rock and Rolling with Carnival Cruise

If you want to have fun for one low price, all you need is a Carnival cruise. A Carnival cruise is a perfect way to pamper yourself.

The Alaska Cruise- A Living Memory

The Alaska cruise is a major attraction drawing vacationers with its majestic scenery, gleaming glaciers, exotic wildlife, and Native American culture. Ships are normally on a seven-day excursion package to Alaska and they stop at four ports on their passage, visiting Hubbard Glacier or Glacier Bay National Park.

Cruise The Nile of Cleopatra

For centuries, the Nile River has been at the center of life in Egypt. The ancient Egyptian civilization relied on the flooding of the Nile to create fertile land for farming in an otherwise desert landscape.

Whos Looking Out For Your Boat When Your Not There?

Over 72 million Americans participated in recreational boating in 2003 on the estimated 17 million recreational boats in the United States. For many Americans, the investment in their vessel ranks along with their homes and automobiles.

Want To Know More About Cruises and Cruise Ships?

Today, Norm Goldman Editor of, is pleased to have as a guest of Sketchandtravel.

Boat Timeshares - A Unique Vacationing Experience

If you've dreamed of sailing the seven seas, but don't necessarily have the bank account to buy a luxury vessel, don't despair. There are ways to make that dream happen without breaking your bank.

Caribbean Cruise: An Enchanting Experience

A Caribbean cruise is the world's most popular cruise. The Caribbean islands are a dream destination and the journey is equally out of the world.

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05/14/2018 03:56 PM
Make the Most of Your Sea-Side Vacation: The Bahamas Trip in a Nutshell
The island of the Bahamas stretches across almost 500 miles along the shore of the Caribbean ocean like a beautifully scattered string of pearls. With a rich history behind each of its exquisite beaches, the Bahamas is home to some of the world's most amazing marine life. A tropical paradise for visitors, the archipelago of the Bahamas is made up of more than 2,000 beautiful cays and islands.
01/27/2018 08:49 AM
River Cruising Versus Ocean Cruising
Our author has experienced both river and ocean cruising. In this article, he explains the differences and similarities of the two types of cruising to give the uninitiated an idea of what they can expect from both forms of cruising.
01/09/2018 02:08 PM
Are Cruise Ship Balcony Cabin Upgrades Worth The Extra Cost?
This is an opinion piece about the necessity, or lack thereof, to purchase (or upgrade to) a balcony cabin on a cruise ship. Do note that this is based on my personal experience with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), the only line I have sailed with thus far. So, would I purchase (or upgrade to) a balcony cabin on a cruise ship?
11/26/2017 10:43 AM
Cruising and Beach Camping Around the Incomparable Whitsundays
Immerse yourself in the turquoise waters of the archipelago. Admire the endless white sand beaches. Appreciate the stunning rainforest.
10/26/2017 11:07 AM
Shore Excursions in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur is becoming a popular port for cruise ships sailing through the Panama canal. This article looks at the different shore excursions available when you get there.
08/10/2017 08:59 AM
How Cairo Will Amaze You
What better city to visit than Cairo if you love archaeology and kosher travels. The Pyramids of Giza are the must-see site when in Cairo. The Pyramid of Cheops is the largest of the Giza pyramids and one can explore the interior of narrow passages. Immediately behind the Great Pyramid is the Solar Boat Museum, which displays one of the ceremonial solar barques unearthed in the area.
08/03/2017 11:56 AM
Winning a Vivid Sydney Cruise Ticket by Chance
Get the best views of Vivid Sydney attractions ona harbour cruise with Clearview. Get roving views of the Opera House in all its visual splendour from a premium glass boat, while enjoying a deluxe dining experience. Come and experience a premium Vivid cruise around the Sydney Harbour and spend time with friends and loved ones in style.
07/24/2017 10:14 PM
Finding The Best Cruise Deals Just Got Easier
There are so many different avenues travelers can choose on their way to a great vacation. From the ski slopes to the road tripper to the European train, it can be a little stressful trying to decide which holiday you would enjoy most. For many, however, the cruise ship is the number one choice, and for good reason. With some really fantastic cruise deals available, it can also make for a very affordable way to spend your vacation. To make the most of your cruise vacation, keep the following suggestions in mind:
07/11/2017 09:48 AM
Top Places To Visit In The Historic City Avignon
The historic city of Avignon became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 and it is well worth spending time exploring the city and soaking up its atmosphere in a kosher tour. Everyone remembers learning the song at school "Sur le Pont d'Avignon". Now you can actually walk on the famous bridge, called the Pont de Benezet. Walk across it to visit the famous Palais des Papes.
07/03/2017 02:29 PM
Shore Excursions in Athens - Exploring the Best of Greece
Greece is the place of beauty with numerous archaeological sites, and astonishing island, and great climate. Visiting this place will give you the most memorable moments of your life. Get ready to live the unique experiences with the shore excursions from Piraeus port by choosing your best packages for you and your family/friends.
06/22/2017 08:00 AM
Benefits Of Booking A Cruise Online
Traveling is soothing; it is the packing and booking that is stressful. Most people are accustomed to booking travel online but for first timers, it is usually better if they seek a travel agent's help. However, if you're still willing to take chance, we suggest you go for it. There are many reasons as to why. Starting off, it's easy to independently book flights, hotels, and car rentals.
06/16/2017 08:50 AM
How to Plan a Cruise Vacation
A cruise vacation can be exciting as it offers a range of things like enjoying luxury services, enjoying gourmet meals, and shopping, all aboard a ship, while you are travelling from one place to another. However, if this is the first time you will be taking a cruise, then it's always preferable to do some planning to so that nothing can go wrong with your vacation. Here are some ways to plan your first cruise vacation effectively.
06/13/2017 09:00 AM
Chapels Of the Cyclades Islands
Bleached by the Greek sun, sometimes alongside the wave and sometimes perched on a mountain top or hidden among rocks and dense vegetation, our chapels are of unique beauty and familiarity of Greek landscapes. Below the umbrella of our blue sky, the white-white chapels stand tranquil and blend harmoniously with the unique Greek landscape. The farthest of them are awaiting a guest or the day of the saint's feast to whom they are devoted to wearing their wares and flood the world. Everything has their own unique history and many of them are connected with myths and traditions of their place.
05/25/2017 01:59 PM
5 Secrets That Travel Insiders Know About Finding Great Cruise Deals
Taking a trip on the great ocean in a huge ship remains a very popular way to vacation, and with good cause. When you light upon the cruise deals, it can make the trip even more fantastic. With more people turning to cruise ships, companies are offering more value packages and add-ons each day. The trick is just knowing not only where, but also when to look. Take a look at some of the following pro-tips to help you make the most of your next vacation:
05/23/2017 07:50 AM
Simple Cruise Tips for Seniors
Are you a senior who loves travel? We have some simple and practical tips for senior travelers like you.
05/14/2017 09:24 AM
Tips On How To Stay Healthy On A Cruise Ship
The ship, international waters and sunsets, yes we have it on our summer getaway list as well. We have packed, and we are ready to leave for a holiday of a lifetime, but unfortunately, most of us would not be able to enjoy your trip. Half of us will get sea sick and will continuously throw up and rely on Advil to get through. The rest of us will experience tummy aches, head colds, sunburns, jet lags and all other kinds of ailments.
05/12/2017 08:00 AM
5 Things Kids Love About Cruising
Are your kids geared up for an adventure this summer? Confused which destination is best for a family getaway? How about a kid's cruise? Never heard of one? Kid's cruise in our opinion offers incredible entertainment value for the entire family. Families love cruising hence reputable cruise liners like Disney Cruises have designed specific ships to incorporate the idea. The cruise offers various kids program for all ages even the elders who tag along have reported that the trip brought back old memories and helped them bond with their kids and helped them realize that it's never too old to dance and hula hoop.
04/26/2017 07:55 AM
Why Going On A Cruise Is A Better Holiday Option
There is a solution to almost every problem in this world and same is the case with a boring, stressed up routine as travelling is what you can do to take some time out for yourself and break that boring pattern. Travelling has so many different options too and you surely can pick on any option which is best suitable for you. Whether you like to go on a road trip or air travel or you want to travel via sea, travelling has covered it all for you and you won't ever regret any of these.
04/18/2017 02:04 PM
Tips For A Honeymoon On A Cruise
Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding with a perfect honeymoon destination where a couple can start their happily ever after. Well, if you want a unique and all spiced up honeymoon then go for a cruise trip, as it is going to give you a lot of those memories and experiences that you can't have on a road trip or air travel.
04/08/2017 04:06 PM
How To Compare and Evaluate Cruise Deals and Cruise Packages
When it comes to the fine art of evaluation, there is always the fear that a deal of some kind will be made hollow because of compromise. For those evaluating cruise deals and packages, the idea of having to compromise means one thing --- you're missing out on something. This could not be further from the truth.
04/08/2017 04:05 PM
What To Expect From An All-Inclusive Cruise Experience
There are fewer words that, when put together, cause more giddiness than "all-inclusive cruises". Hyperbole aside, the idea of the all-inclusive cruise is quite appealing to the traveler that wants it all. Moreover, the notion of having a price provide so much for a customer/traveler/consumer is a sign of the times. So many of us operate from a sense of immediate gratification. Moreover, when this need is not met, we instigate a proverbial bidding for our attention by asking, "Who'll give me more for less?"
04/05/2017 07:55 AM
6 Fascinating Facts About Cruise Ships That You Never Knew
They say travelling is the best way out to break depression. We surely get sick and bored of our daily work routines and there comes a time that we need some change and fun in our lives. Any travelling vacation can do the "stress break" thing but cruising is above all, the only problem is that a few people can afford it as it is a bit high in expenses than the other travelling options.
04/04/2017 10:32 AM
5 Items To Pack In Your Emergency Kit For A Cruise Travel
Emergency situations are sometimes unavoidable and you have no control on them. Cruising seems fun and entertaining and completely safe but who knows when an emergency or unnatural situation arrives? Previously a lot of ships have been full of reports such as storms, weather delays, disabled ships and many other situations that have spoiled the fun and upset the passengers.
03/28/2017 01:00 PM
How To Pack Well For A Cruise Holiday
Travelling is so much fun, and especially if you are heading for a cruise journey then the excitement level is much higher as you just want to get the best out of your adventure tour! Speaking of cruising, if you are a newbie and it's your first time on a Caribbean cruise then just keep one thing in mind that it can be the trip of a lifetime! You just need the perfect company, the excellent package and a complete packing guide if you want to enjoy to the fullest!
03/27/2017 02:24 PM
Tips For A Better Cruise Experience
Cruises can be an amazing experience; the beautiful sea and an exceptional view. There is a lot to see and do, taking a luxury cruises to distant places has its own pros like buffets, entertainment facilities, spas and your own luxurious cabin. There are things that you might miss during a cruise although it is worth it but some handy tips can really make you comfortable during your cruise experience especially when you are a first timer. So following are some tips to make cruise experience all the more enjoyable.
03/27/2017 11:31 AM
Tips To A Happy Cruise
A cruise is a once in a life time experience, it's definitely on person's bucket list to go on a cruise trip one in a lifetime. You deserve to enjoy this experience to its fullest and make sure cruise trip is the best time you could have. For first timers, it is hard to know what kind of leverage you can have while your cruise, making it more interesting. So, some useful tips regarding your cruise are as follow that would make your cruise worth the travel.
03/26/2017 09:54 AM
Tips For Avoiding Sea Sickness on a Cruise Ship
To fill your journey with lots of pleasure and entertainment, one must avoid seasickness much as possible. Usually, seasickness includes unsettled stomach, queasiness, contractions and nausea. It's not deadly at all, except in very rare cases. Below written are few helpful tips, to control seasickness.
03/25/2017 09:10 AM
Cruising Tips - Should You Book A Cruise On The Internet?
Cruising is one hell of a traveling experience; I find it to be a unique mode of traveling. So finally if you have decided to go on a cruise and you are worried about how to book it then worry not. There are many ways through which you can book a cruise, but many people are scared whether they will be able to book it properly or not.
03/22/2017 09:18 AM
5 Things To Look For When You're Shopping For Cruise Deals
Shopping for cruise deals when you'd rather be packing and fantasizing about how great your cruise will be can be a tough sell. Still, it's a step that is essential in stretching every single dollar. Why not make your vacation even better than by saving as much as money as you can while planning your trip?
03/22/2017 09:14 AM
5 Tips To Help You Get The Most From Your All-Inclusive Cruise
Few words are as alluring as 'all-inclusive cruises'. The promise of traveling with all of your needs taken care of while exploring the open sea is the stuff of which legends are made. But what if you want to be sure you get everything you can out of your trip?
03/15/2017 08:29 AM
Safety On The Seas: Avoiding Cruise Ship Accidents and Illnesses
Cruising the vast ocean on a huge luxury cruise line is one of the most popular ways of enjoying holidays, but stories state that every now or then there is a sickness epidemic or an ill-fated accident on the cruise ship. Here the thing: If somebody onboard does accede to a nasty virus, it can quickly spread on board and because it's a closed environment where many people share things, the passengers can fall sick easily.
03/10/2017 03:48 PM
Travel By Cruise Ship
Planning for a 5, 7, 14 day or more cruise. It's better to be prepared, and don't over pack. You don't know what you may find on your trip!
03/05/2017 01:27 PM
Cruise Ship Security
I think that most people feel very secure on a cruise ship. After all you are in the middle of the ocean and there are a lot of crew members around to help you. For the most part taking a cruise is very safe. However, there are a few things that you should consider.
03/05/2017 11:51 AM
Getting Married On A Cruise - Things To Consider
Weddings at the sea can be the most romantic way of holding an event. Imagine getting married by a uniformed captain in the middle of the sea or under a palm tree on some Caribbean island. And the good part is that weddings on a cruise ship are necessarily small, so you don't have to worry about who will bring Great Aunt Maurice to the wedding etc.
03/05/2017 11:51 AM
Best Reasons For Going On A World Cruise
If traveling is all about creating memories, having amazing experiences and going out for thrilling adventures, then I think cruising is one of the best ways to make some memories and discover new places around the globe.Cruising as a mode of travel raises different responses in people, while some are like "Ahh Yes!" there is an opposite party who says "Hell No-Way-Never!"
03/02/2017 01:59 PM
Is Traveling Through Online Cruise Booking Agents A Good Idea?
Technology has taken over the world now and with the development and progress of technology, businesses, employments and jobs are now not only confined to shops and buildings but now internet is also being used as a mode of earning money. Same is the case with flight tickets, hotel rooms, movie tickets etc. that now they can be booked online too via credit or debit card but here the actual question is that is this booking technique a good option when it comes to the booking of cruises?
03/01/2017 07:53 AM
Cruising Mistakes That You Must Avoid
Cruising is one mode of travelling that can take you to a whole next level of entertainment and adventure. If you are looking forward for a break or vacation from your busy and stressful work routines and want a new adventurous trip with your friends and family then cruising is the most suitable option for you. Now there are two ways via which you can book a cruise, one is by contacting a travel agent or book your cruise online. All the information and precautionary measure are always mentioned on the websites of cruises but yet there are some dos and don'ts that you must know and should avoid a few things that can upset or ruin your cruise experience.
02/28/2017 06:28 PM
Your Packing Guide To A Cruise Trip
The question of what to pack for a cruise travel is often asked to many of us who have to go on a cruise vacation once or twice a year. Your mind becomes a complete mess and you get so confused on what you should take and what you should not. Cruising is a completely unusual way to travel as you have to travel in the middle of the ocean and you also have to stop at different destinations with different weathers so it obviously all these elements make your packing more tricky and confusing.
02/28/2017 07:45 AM
How To Enjoy Your Cruise Trip To The Fullest
Every one of us need some break from our busy lives; we are all so stuck up in our work routines, businesses, employments that we don't find time for ourselves or our family & friends. Continuous work and stress can put you in depression and anxiety, so it is better to go out for travelling or a holiday off to any of your favourite destinations.
02/28/2017 07:44 AM
Tips For Cruising With Young Kids
A cruise trip surely needs a proper preparation and planning which requires a lot of research, especially regarding your packing that what is necessary for the trip and what is not. Then comes the research on how to handle emergency situations and whenever you book a cruise for yourself then always go through the details of it and have proper information about the facilities and activities provided on board. And if you are travelling with your family then the next most important thing is to know how you can entertain your kids and keep them safe too.
02/27/2017 02:17 PM
How To Keep Your Possessions Safe On A Cruise
People who love travelling and going on vacations with friends and families are considered to be the liveliest ones as they always take out time from their busy work routines to enjoy their surroundings and environment. One of the most common travelling and entertainment way out for people is that of cruising with their beloved ones.
02/27/2017 02:17 PM
How Much Does A Cruise Travel Cost?
Everyone needs some sort of break or rest from their work routine and mostly people go for travelling in that break, to explore the nature and go on an adventurous trip is all what they want. People who want to travel via cruise are either curious of what it is like to travel in water in a royal ship or either they are recommended by their travel agent. Now let's face the fact that a cruise trip would cost you a lot more than any other vacation or travelling. On contrary, it might be the best experience that you will ever have of a cruise travel as they have almost all the facilities and luxuries that anyone wants.
02/24/2017 12:09 PM
What to Pack For a Stress Free Cruise Holiday
Cruise trip is way different than a plane or train trip. You need to pack differently and tackle things with a different approach.
02/18/2017 05:34 PM
Top 5 Tips For Cruising With Small Children
Cruising is a great family holiday particularly because your kids are catered to their needs just like the adults. Most ships have a set of different activities for the kids and the biggest vessels have several spacious playrooms for different age groups, with their respective age-appropriate toys, furniture and electronic gaming. They even have bathrooms with miniature sinks and toilets. If you are a parent who is eager to go on a cruise with your young one, it will be great if you familiarize yourself with these things.
02/17/2017 01:00 PM
An Insider's Guide To Planning Your Cruise
Once you have handled the standard travel preparations, here are some less obvious items to pack and some valuable tips to assist you in cruising the seven seas. Cruising can seem to be overwhelming but with these tips and tricks you can easily make through it.
02/16/2017 03:07 PM
Five Sins Of Cruising
While going on a cruise is definitely an angelic experience, we all know that sometimes when we're on vacation we let some our normal inhibitions go, which can lead to some "sinful" behavior. As they say, what happens at sea stays at sea. Don't worry though, a cruise is meant for you to loosen up and let go of your inhibitions. See how many of these "sins" sound familiar to you.
02/02/2017 08:47 AM
How To Score A Deal On A Last Minute Cruise
Going on a cruise is certainly an exciting experience, which contains life long memories, without hustle bustle of routine office and hectic home life, making it a stress reliever. Although it is hard to save on these type of trips especially when you want to be on board in the last minute.
01/30/2017 02:39 PM
5 Ways to Score a Deal on a Last-Minute Cruise
Not really sure how to score the best deal for cruising at the last-minute? Here I have assembled some best ways how to watch the internet for great bargains and deals that could encourage you to book your next trip.
01/29/2017 09:49 AM
5 Tips For Booking At The Right Time
When is the best time you should buy a cruise? There are a number of factors that are to be considered - from the time of year you travel to the region you are sailing - before taking out your credit card. Here are some tips that will help you in getting the best rate.
01/26/2017 04:38 PM
How To Take Better Pictures On Your Cruise
Who doesn't want to have great photo memories of their cruise vacation? Nowadays everyone has access to video and photo technology that our parents couldn't even dream of. It was not long ago when taking good quality picture required a cumbersome, complicated and expensive SLR camera, not to forget you had to carry rolls of 35mm film with you. But with the current technology one can take the best pictures even with their smartphones, here are some cool tips for how to take good pictures on a cruise.

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