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Astonish your Customers With These Customer Service Tips

Customer service today is getting worse. Win customers overand you build your business for life. Proven by the leaderin the industry -- Nordstrom's. Nordstrom's customerservice keeps improving and they continue to drive othersout of business because of it. Here are six ways you canthrill customers and snatch a larger market share from yourcompetitors.

...Offer to do an extraordinary favor

Here's an example of what I mean: A customer of a movingfirm wanted to ship a kitchen table and chairs set to hisson in a city 300 miles away. But the moving firm had ahefty weight requirement and a high minimum fee. The firm'smanager said he made regular trips to that city. So heoffered--at no cost--to load the set in his station wagonand deliver it on his next trip.

...Under promise, over deliver

A well-known air freight company promises to deliver apackage by 10 am the next morning--but often delivers by 9or 9:30 am. A local printing company always finishes the jobbefore the due date. These are companies customers can counton.

...Give them a benefit they don't know exists

If your business offers coupons for certain items, discountthose items for those purchases even if customers don't havethe coupons.

...Put concern above profit

Only offer customers items they can use. Don't sell themhigher-priced products just to make a big sale. You'll winthe loyalty of customers if you look out for their bestinterest.

...Follow up after the sale

The most successful salespeople follow up regularly atscheduled times--not when they have a spare moment. Helpyourself follow up by keeping a log of commitments made andwhen you promised to keep them.

...Comfort customers in time of need

Let's discuss this with an example. If a customer's airconditioning unit blinked out on the hottest Saturday of theyear. Have a backup plan for these type of emergencies.People never forget it when you ease their comfort and willbecome your biggest raving fan. Return their call no matterhow busy you are or have a plan on how to handle thesecalls. Work later than normal or have someone part-time andon-call. Talk with them on how you can ease their comfortuntil you can make it there. Ask if they would like to goto the mall or a movie where it is air conditioned and youwill call them when you arrive. It doesn't matter if youare in the air conditioning and heating business or you're aconsultant, think of ways you can ease customer's comfort.And don't forget to advertise that as well.

Catherine Franz is a Life and Business Coach and MasterPractitioner in the Laws of Attraction. Catherine guidesothers in finding the light of their own existence and walkingan attractive truth in their own lives.


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