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Forum is a gathering of people normally have a common interest on certain topic like investing, health etc.People in forum can share ideas, ask questions, socializeget help and give advice.

However, you cannot post your advertising or any otherpromotional material in the forum as this is considered asSPAM! Unless, this forum is specially mentioned that allowyou to post such promotional material.

So, how to use forum as a free way to get traffic?

In most of the forums, you are allowed to create a signaturefile which you can place your description, attractive wordsand the link to your website or subscribe your newsletter.

Every time, when you post your sharing in the forum, at theend of your post will be automatically followed by yoursignature file which allow people to click the link toyour site if they are interested to your description.

People go to the forum normally who are seeking solution tosolve their problems. You can share your experience to helpthem. Let's share some of my experience to help get to knowhow to use forum to get free traffic.

I personally promote affiliate programs and member sites.All the products I promote basically are how to make moneyonline and start internet business. So, I will look forforums which discuss about money topic, internet business,internet marketing etc.

I view the posts, read their questions and try my best byanswering their questions. As mentioned above, my website link will be posted in the forum also. People read my postwill normally click my link also.

This is how I get started to build up my subscriber base.I use this method everyday and get free subscriber.

Of course, there are some techniques in answering. Forexample, the most popular question is, "How to start internet business?" It is highly recommended that not answering like selling a product, e.g. "Oh, you can joinxxx program, click my link will show you how .."

How's about this?

"Hi Mr. xxx, there are many ways that you can build yourinternet business, basically start an internet business by building websites. However, if you find it difficultto build a website, you can join certain affiliate programIf you need further helps, you are welcome to email me orpost your question here. I will be ready to help you."

Which do you feel better?

The 1st one, people would think that you just want them tojoin the program and make money from their pocket. However, the 2nd one, you are trying to build a relationship & trustwith people, people will feel that you are sincere that you want to help them. See the difference?

Not only you can get free traffic, by sharing your ideas,helping people to solve their problems, you are also building your reputation. People will trust you and peoplenormally buy something from whom they trust!

In conclusion, if your budget is limited and you want to get targeted prospects, go to the related forums, setup yourattractive description in signature file, and post as manysharings as you like but please don't SPAM. People won't trust spammer. Of course, if you have question to ask, youare welcome to post your questions and you will get help!

John Liew Tze Yung

Helping people to start internet business.Free report showing how to avoid mistakesand build a profitable internet business

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