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How to Set Effective Goals That Guarantee Your Success

In this article, I will be sharing with you the secrets to set effective goals that will guarantee your success. I wish you can apply it into your own goals setting. and wish all your goals come true.

So what is a goal? In my previous issues, I talked a lot about quantum creation , and manifestation. You have already know that the universe will always obey your order, take your instruction and turn it into the exact things you want. Believe it or not, you are creating all the time, the only difference is some of your creations are unconscious, and some are conscious. Unfortunately, most of our unconscious creation are not what we truly want, as a result, we are consistently creating what we don't want, and end up with an unhappy life. A goal is something that helps you eliminate unconscious creation, and turns it into conscious creation. A goal is the order, or the command that you send out to the universe consciously, and as a result, you will get what you consciously want, and ultimately the ideal life that you enjoy living.

The process of goals setting is to help you get clear about want you truly want, turn your unconscious goals in to conscious goals so that you will be able to literally design your own life and have absolute control about your life.

You may have heard a lot about goals setting, and tried many types of goals setting programs. but most of them fail, The reason is not because the programs don't work, the reason is because of your own beliefs and thinking. I can tell you any goals setting program works, even the most simple one, just by writing down your goals, you can achieve them. Why some people come out from a goals setting workshop with great result, but others with little or no results. This leads to today's topic, what makes a goal effective?

What makes a goal effective?

First , your goals must be in harmony with your higher purpose. I believe that we all have a purpose in our life, this purpose has already be chosen even before we were born. Do you find yourself have some special talent, something that you enjoy to do , and you can it effortlessly, but others find it difficult? Do you find there is something that you enjoy doing so much such that the whole world suddenly disappear, the only thing exists is you and the things you are doing. At those moments, you are on purpose. Whenever you are in harmony with your purpose, you fell joy and happiness. A most effective goal must be in harmony with your purpose, this is the only way to ensure that you not only achieve your goal, but also enjoy the process. The The process become enjoyable, and you also feel the fulfillment. Yes you can achieve your goals without being in harmony with your purpose, but you will never feel successful even you have all the accomplishments, and all the achievement. The easiest way to find your purpose is to pay attention to what you are good at, and what you are enjoy to do. If you can't find it yourself, ask your parents, ask your friends, ask your families. Everyone have a special talent, that is the reason you come to this planet.

Secondly, Your goals must be beneficial to the world. I am not trying to make myself honorable, but this is true, unless you goals are beneficial to others, you will not find anyone to corporate with you, the universe will also not work to your advantage. A selfish goal will never make it big. You can see from the biggest success in the world, all these people had a mission to make others life better, to help the world become a better place. How much better our life have become because of the computer? This makes Bill Gates become the richest man in the world. The more beneficial your goal is to others, the more value it will produce, and the more achievable it will become.

Thirdly, your goals must be supported by your own subconscious beliefs. Do you have an experience that you set a goal, and you did everything to make it happen, and at the last minute something happened, and it destroyed everything, your desires suddenly disappeared, and you went back to your comfortable zone? I did have this kind of experience, I did not know why until I realized that I was holding some subconscious beliefs that are contradictive to my goals. That means I wanted something, but my subconscious mind didn't. Your contradictive subconscious beliefs will create negative blocks that are extremely hard to break, this is why a simple task sometimes becomes very big in your mind, you dare not to take any action. An effective goal must be in harmony with your current subconscious beliefs. You beliefs can change overtime due to your experience and the books you read, but you can never achieve anything that is bigger than your current beliefs. If your belief says that you can only make $1000 per month, you don't set a goal of making $1 million dollar per month. Set a goal that is believable to your subconscious mind, once you have done $1000 dollar again and again, and you are so comfortable with it, your subconscious mind will start to believe the possibility to make $10,0000 dollars per month, and your goals will grow bigger and bigger from there.

How to test whether your goal is supported by your subconscious beliefs or not? I learned a simple test from Dr Robert Anthony, the legendary peak performance expert. The test is very simple, you draw a vertical line on a blank piece of paper, on one side, you write Yes, and on another, write no. Take a piece of string, tie something on one end to make an pendulum, hold your pendulum directly above the vertical line. Ask yourself the question " Can I achieve the goal of ...". If you subconscious mind thinks it is possible, your pendulum will go to the yes side, and if not, it will go to the no side. I just want you to know that your subconscious mind does not always agree with your conscious mind. This test can only be used as a guide, don't rely too much on the result you see from this test, because it won't be 100% accurate if you only use it once or twice. Dr Robert Anthony has discussed in details about the conscious and subconscious contradictions in his audio program "Know How to Be Rich", I am amazed by his deep understanding of the human mind and the universal laws. You can get a copy of this program from (http://www.theultimatesecrets.com/Robert.htm)

Fourthly, goals must be exact. As I have said that your goal was the command you send to the universe, so for the universe to be able to execute your command, it must understand exactly what you mean. " I want more money" is only a wish, not a goal. The universe could not know what you want if you just tell it "I want more money", OK, you want more money, here is one cent, take it. Since you want more money, one cent more is also more. The universe does not know how to fulfill your desire if you don't tell it exactly. A real goal is something like this " I intend to manifest $10,000 dollars by 31 Jan 2005"," I intent to set up my company by 1 March 2005". Don't confuse the universe by an unclear goal. Ask for something specific, and the universe will end up giving you the specific result.

The fifth element for an effective goal is that your goals must be compelling enough so that it will trigger your emotions every time you think about them. Emotion creates motivation, motivation leads to action, and action will give you result. How much result you get depends on the quality of your emotion. Positive emotion create positive results, negative emotion creates negative results. From scientific point of view, positive emotion sends out positive vibration, and will attract back positive results with the same vibration frequency. Be careful how you feel, because you are creating the same results as you feel.

I hope this article gives you some ideas how to make an effective goal, and you may want to modify a bit your goals to make them more effective. Wish all you goals come true

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Always look to better yourself every chance you get, either by getting educated or by life's experiences. Stagnation is the slow death of the human brain, so avoid it at all cost. Life is filled with opportunities, it is just up to you to grab them. Do not let fear deter you from reaching your goals, so take action every chance you get. You can take calculated risks as your safety should be number one priority.

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