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What We Can Learn From J. Paul Getty

J. Paul Getty planned to enter the U.

Characteristics of a Good Leader

It's interesting to hear the responses from executives when I ask them, "What are the characteristics of a good Leader?"If I ask that question in a large room of executives, or even upper level managers the answers will be all over the map, and many are conflicting.A couple of the usual answers are:A leader is someone that empowers those working for him to make their own decisions.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is what every organization needs and so few have in adequate supply. Part of leadership is what the first President Bush called "the vision thing".

Value Driver Leadership

CHAPTER 1************VALUEThose qualities regarded by a person or group as important and desirable of standards and principlesWhat is value driven leadership? Have you ever considered having a value driven leadership team? Or even a team driven by values and not a team having to be driven by the leader? That thought alone made me consider looking into the way I ran my teams and how I could do things better; this is the driving force behind writing this book. When you think about it, in everything we do as individuals or a team we should always be 'values driven' not impulse or need driven! If we are driven by values then we will always have a "why" in everything we do, and then we will do what we do with everything that is in us, come hell or high water (test, trials, pressure, set back or circumstances).

Premature Articulation

Ask anyone about what makes a good leader and they are sure to put the ability to communicate high on the list of necessary skills. Yet all to often communication is simply seen as the ability to speak.

Follow My Leader - To Effect Change, Leaders Must Walk the Talk!

A leader's roleIn any change project, a leader must wear many hats, however his/her role can be split into two key areas:1. Set the strategic direction of the change and;2.

Elements of Timeless Leadership

Great leadership is timeless, always in vogue. The world has been hungry for great leaders from time immemorial.


A CEO today is called to "do more with less", create collaborative teams and continually work on his or her own development. How can a CEO of tomorrow ensure the future and success of his or her company? I believe that BQ, EQ, and Resilience are the three most important qualities of a successful CEO of tomorrow.

Outstanding Qualities of a Successful Leader

When it come to leaders, does one size fit all? Some management theorists list five or ten qualities that make a good leader, but does every situation require the same type of approach and the same skills?

Failing In Life And Business Is The Path To Success

Believe it! Succeeding in building a business with ideas working from home really starts by failing. Accept failure, move on, don't quit and you will succeed.

Leadership Training Solutions

Blanchard Research and Training, India, brings Ken Blanchard companies to India. And we bring with us a dream to unleash the potential and power of people and organizations for the greater good. As a leading expert in training and development, we work with some of the world's largest organizations to navigate change initiatives - Reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, leadership development ... our clients tell us we have raised the bar many notches up.

Effective Recruiting Strategies for MLM Multi-level Marketing

Learning the effective recruiting strategies is very crucial in your success to MLM multi-level marketing. If you are not skilled in developing and practicing various strategies like selling products and attracting your target market, it would be impossible for you to reach your marketing goals and expand your business.

Inspirational Leadership: Do It Your Way

If you want to be a more inspirational leader, as do most of my clients, you first have to be inspired. It's natural to think of inspirational role models who've helped ignite your passion for what you do (whether you own your own business or toil in the service of an organization) and think, "I want to do what he does," or "I want to be more like her." That might work... but a lot of the time, it doesn't....

Three Important Skills to Become Successful in (MLM) Multi-level Marketing

MLM multi-level marketing or also known as network marketing, pyramid selling and referral marketing is one of the best marketing strategy when you want to be involved and successful in the world of entrepreneurship.

Motivation To Win, Grow, Evolve

As an organization what do you do to motivate employees to win, grow, and evolve? This isn't management motivating employees or employees motivating management. There should be three categories: 1. Motivation for project work to win, grow, evolve 2. Motivation to run the organization to win, grow, evolve 3. Motivation for cultivating relationships to win, grow, evolve