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Some Say She's the Best Female Vocalist Since Janis Joplin

What does it take to become the best female vocalist since Janis Joplin? You might insist that a voice of such caliber takes years of vocal lessons. But Emily Armstrong, lead singer of the rock ensemble Dead Sara, is the exception.

Music Stars by Way of YouTube -- a Means of Finding New Talent?

When YouTube first made its Internet debut in 2005, no one could have predicted the global affect it would have for musicians or record labels.

Machine Gun Kelly Inks Million-Dollar Deal, Finds Beat With DMX

Machine Gun Kelly -- aka Richard Colson Baker -- considers himself a loser. He has said as much in interviews. That was, however, before he signed a million-dollar deal with Sean "P Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy record label last August.

A Dogged DMX Focuses on Music, Not Troubles

The Dog is back and is in the house. And while his newest (and much anticipated) album has yet to drop, DMX is giving his fans a taste of what's to come by releasing "The Weigh In," -- a free EP online download.

Artist DMX Seeks Redemption With Latest Album Release

Sometimes the best stories of triumph run a strange course -- as is the case with DMX. Following the rapper's release from the Arizona state jail in July 2011, the multi-platinum rapper and Ruff Ryders legend eagerly sought to finish his newest album, slated for release in 2012.

Just Like Old Chicago, DJ Lade Lets the Music Play

Chicago has always been a city that thrives on music. From notable jazz greats Nat King Cole and Benny Goodman to blues artist Muddy Waters, many would argue that Chicago is the birthplace of all things music.

Home Recording Studios Make Sweet Music

Rock legend has it that bands would shut themselves behind closed studio doors and not emerge until there was a record that would be heard for generations to come.

Female-Led Band Heads Rock 'N' Roll Renaissance

Some bands never get the acclaim they deserve despite bucketfuls of talent, while others strap on jet packs and launch onto the scene with serious impact.

DJs Bring Rise to Electronic Revolution

The French DJ kings Daft Punk took the club scene over one single at a time, with electronic dance hits like "One More Time" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" reaching the top of the charts in the U.K. and U.S.

Girl Power: Female MCs Storming Rap Game

In the rap game, business is a booming. But the MCs making new waves in the hip-hop scene aren't what you might expect.

Dead Sara Enlivens Rock With Debut Album

Discovering a new favorite band is as satisfying as devouring the newest Tarantino film, or finding that pair of pants that makes you stand out just about anywhere.

Dr. Luke, Swizz Beatz Have Midas Touch for Music Hits

You may not know them by name, but chances are you've heard their work. You may even be a fan.

Being Bad to Do Well? Why Hip-Hop Loves Its Bad Boys

Hip-hop loves it's bad boys. That much is clear.

Music Industry Refashions Itself, Embraces iPod Era

The sounds that are changing the music world are not the voices of artists unknown, but rather the faint click of a computer mouse.

Warped Tour Lineup Sizzles

Whether it's the impressive musical spectrum -- heavy metal to ska to rap -- or the sweaty delights of crowd surfing and mosh pits, each summer the Vans Warped Tour captures thousands by their gauged ears and doesn't let go.