Organizing Information

Organizing Information

Kids Clutter: Organizing at Every Age

Our children are probably the biggest clutter creators we have in our homes -- even more so than the dreaded paper flow. It starts out innocently, when we find out we are expecting; then the purchasing frenzy swings into high gear and does not let up until, well, let's just say many years down the road.

Organizing Tips to Help You Conquer the Laundry Monster

Laundry. You sort, you wash, you fold, you blink - and the pile of dirty clothes has grown all over again.

Memorabilia -- Use It or Lose It!

What do you do with those special items that have been passed down to you? Put them in the hall closet and hope the door will shut? Probably not a good choice for several reasons. First, you are unnecessarily creating clutter; second, if the item is very old and unstable, you will further the aging process; finally, and most importantly, what's the point of keeping these special items if the only time you enjoy them is when you move or get the bug to clean out a closet! This summer my grandmother passed away and I was the recipient of many beautiful things, especially table linens.

Four Easy Steps to An Organized Closet

The National Association of Professional Organizers has dedicated January to clean out those closets, but don't wait for January -- now is the time. Exciting this task is not, but by devoting a couple of afternoons this month you can reduce unnecessary search time and you may even find some extra storage in the process.

The Organized Move: Unpacking with a Plan

(This is the third in a series of three articles on "The Organized Move") The moving truck is pulling in the driveway of your new home and soon you will be surrounded by all your stuff. You have dreamed about the additional space.

3-Step Clean Sweep Program to Organize

3-Step Clean Sweep Program 1 - Purge2 - Simplify3 - Organize Getting Started Springtime is when many folks give their homes and offices a good cleaning. For every thing there is a season, and this is the season to get rid of the winter cobwebs.

Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 1

The following procedures will insure an organized and well run office. 1.

Getting Organized For The New Year - Part 2

In part 1, we discussed a system you could use to organize your office. In this article we will discuss what material is needed to implement that system.

The Five Ways To Ease The Process Of Eliminating Clutter

I recently had a conversation with a friend about clutter. She shared that at times there was so much clutter around her home that she simply concluded her home was in a stage that she referred to as CHAOS or Can't Have Anyone Over Soon.

Organizing Your Day

One of the hardest things for most individuals working from home is to stay focused. One of the best ways to stay focused is organization.

Five Simple Tips to Get Organized Today!

Take time to declutter this summer..

Getting Organized - Getting Fit

In a speech entitled "Organized Living in a Disorganized World" I made the statement "Getting organized is much like exercise and healthy eating. It is something you incorporate into your daily living.

Get Organized - Stay Organized

My mother is one of the most productive people I know. She is 78 years old and still works full-time as the personal assistant to the CEO of a bank.

The Love It Or Lose It Principle: One Simple Key to Living Clutter-Free Forever

It wasn't long ago that you spent an entire weekend "decluttering" - and now you are expecting guests in two days, and the guestroom is full of "stuff" again!According to a study by the U.S.

Secrets to Eliminating Emotional Clutter

Are you plagued by clutter in your personal or professional life? Is there someone in your family or your work who is? Based on my experience, the answer is probably "Yes!"As a professional organizing consultant for more than 20 years, I have discovered that eight out of ten people are bogged down in life with physical clutter somewhere in their lives. Ironically, most of them suffer in silence.

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05/07/2018 08:12 AM
Are Piles of Paper Threatening to Bury You? This Helps
Finding time to deal with clutter is a challenge we all face. And paper clutter, for many, presents its own unique challenges. Indeed. "How do I deal with all the paper?" is a perennial question for lots and lots of folks. The good news? Help is on the way!.
03/17/2018 10:24 AM
3 Steps to an Organized Purse
When choosing a purse, you will want to consider a few factors that will make it easier to keep it organized. Find out what these factors are that will help you organize the purse you have and affect your purse selections in the future.
02/14/2018 02:30 PM
Simplify Your Home Like A Yacht Stewardess
Techniques used by private yacht stewardess that you can use at home for a clean and organized home. Get organized this New Year and save time, money, and energy.
02/06/2018 09:12 AM
February Fever
Welcome to the February top 5 organizing projects. Did you know there are only 48 days until Spring? A 2013 survey says that 72% of households do some kind of spring cleaning.
02/06/2018 09:12 AM
January Jumble
How ready are you for the new year? What chores await you this year? Does starting all over again excite you?
12/17/2017 09:42 AM
2017, How Have You Treated Me?
ANNUS horribilis: the horrible year. That was 2016 apparently, given the amount of celebrities who died. Queen Elizabeth II hailed 1992 as annus horribilis.
12/03/2017 10:42 AM
10 Ways to Simplify Your Day
Your life might be complicated, but you can simplify it. There's no reason to feel proud about juggling a complicated life. Why not simplify your life and enjoy it more? You have plenty of slack in your life taken out if you know where to look. Get the maximum out of each day while leaving enough time to relax.
10/11/2017 08:13 AM
Personal Environment Vs Peace of Mind
Alchemy is the process of changing lead into gold. Inner alchemy (personal transformation) occurs when we clear our clutter - internal and external - and let go of things that no longer serve us well. This creates balance and space, a place that nurtures contentment, which I believe is true success.
08/17/2017 03:41 PM
Problems Clutter Causes in Your Life
Clutter is more than just a pile of clothes or paper, it is also a cause of many unhealthy items in your life. Clear the clutter, clear more then just your space.
07/31/2017 10:18 AM
O Is For Organized
Society views an organized person as one who is successful or at least has their act together. We tend to think of messy people as lazy, sloppy, or even ill. I watched for the first time a show on hoarders and I do have to admit that there were some scary things depicted in that show.
07/16/2017 09:38 AM
Organize Your Life and Your Estate
Everyone needs to be organized in case of an emergency. Whether it's a fire, a medical emergency or the death of a loved one. Knowing where all of your important papers are located and how to find the information you need quickly is crucial in every families life. During an emergency you are not thinking straight. Get organized before an emergency happens so that you are prepared to deal with whatever happens.
06/20/2017 08:43 AM
Divorce and Organizing
During and after a divorce, getting organized can be difficult. An extreme amount of paperwork is required during and after the new spaces need to be established and organized. Divorce is overwhelming and emotional but getting organized during any phase is helpful.
06/06/2017 08:50 AM
Learn 4 Ways You Can Declutter Your Home For Less Stress
A new season is in full bloom and it's time to declutter. Learn ways to declutter your life and home and how decluttering can reduce stress.
05/26/2017 02:08 PM
Slow and Steady Equals Progress
There are many little, mundane reasons why we just can't seem to make progress on certain little tasks we have before us. Read on to see if you can fight some of these productivity-killing antics!
05/08/2017 10:16 PM
Solutions for the Challenge of Clearing Clutter
While there are people who maintain a sterile environment at work and at home, most of us do not. Whether the clutter is at home, your office, or in your car, the problem - just the visual - can rob you of time, effort, and peace of mind. It can be a simply overwhelming challenge, especially if you are a perfectionist.
05/01/2017 10:13 AM
6 Tips to Being Clutter Free in 2017
Cleaning out clutter can be a great way to get a fresh start. If you're ready to start your clutter cleaning for the year, here are some easy tips to get your home ready.
04/18/2017 01:01 PM
Task Saturation From a Student's Perspective
There are ways to effectively combat task saturation. There are also common mistakes made.
04/17/2017 09:40 PM
You're Never REALLY Done
Having a situation where Life is throwing lemons at you? Remember the old adage to just make lemonade and you'll get done what you need to get done!
04/17/2017 03:31 PM
How to Keep Your Life Organized Easily
There's a wise reason behind a wish to be more organized: you spend less time worrying on trifles and get a chance for self-improvement. Yet things are never as easy as they seem to be at first. Many rules are to be followed and tips - to be learned. Nevertheless, if at least little efforts are applied, success is just around the corner.
03/30/2017 03:09 PM
Mindset = Being Organized
This article gives you 5 simple tips that will help you alter your mindset which can help you become more organized. These tips are easy to incorporate in your life and with time and persistence, you will change.
03/29/2017 12:28 PM
Suggestions for a More Organized and Productive Year
It's the start of another year and an attempt to stick with our chosen new year resolutions. Many of us end up not following through but some are determined to make their resolutions a reality. Here are some suggestions for a more organized and productive year or lifestyle.
03/06/2017 02:36 PM
Getting Off The Fast Moving Train To Get Organized
Are you often so busy that you feel as if you are on a train and the landscape and attractions are going by so fast that you can't get off? You have so much to do that tasks keep coming in and there is no break. The feeling is described by many as overwhelmed, stressed, or defeated.
03/02/2017 08:07 AM
Work/Life Balance - Is There Really Such a Thing?
Do you really have a balanced life? Do you have enough time to do the things that you want to do? What about the things that you need to do? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Work/life balance is a myth. Something has to give. What's it going to be?
03/01/2017 08:29 AM
Organizing On A Budget
Being Organized does not have to be expensive. It's not all about gadgets. Organizing on a budget is about being creative and using whatever you have available.
02/24/2017 12:29 PM
Jury Duty and Being Prepared
The unexpected can occur. It's good to be prepared!
02/14/2017 11:06 AM
Why You Should Organize Your Closet
Most of us are forced to tackle with our cabinets every day, at home and even at work. If you have one that is full of items you don't have a place for, then it could be a daily routine you have come to dread.
02/13/2017 08:53 AM
The Strange Myth of Multitasking
I have been pondering a delicate question this week. Why is it I can only do one thing at a time? If only I could do several things at a time, I could get more accomplished. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage is an expert when it comes to multitasking. Although I have lived with her for over 45 years, I still do not know how she does it. She is better than a circus juggler and can juggle a dozen tasks at the same time. Not me, that is for sure!
02/01/2017 11:56 AM
Write It, Then Nail It - Easy Step for Planning Your Success
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Many people live their life based on circumstances happened with and around them. That leaves them live an average life with no major achievements, though they feel satisfied but they regret in later part of the life. Here I have tried to brief the possibilities on how to put a planned effort and achieve desirable success in life
01/30/2017 03:41 PM
Some Organizing Tricks And Storage Ideas You Can Implement At Home
It is not easy to store and organize your items at home, most especially when you have limited amount of space. Good thing experts have shared some tips and tricks.
01/18/2017 09:05 AM
First Steps Towards a Happy Life As a Minimalist
As the new year approached I focused my mental faculties on how we'd survive as a new family, a stay at home mom with a dad still finishing college. My mind arrived at the notion that life seems so expensive, but could that be because we are conditioned to believe that we require more than we really do?
01/16/2017 11:35 AM
The Art Of Maximum Efficiency (Producing Quantum Growth Through The Power Of Self Discipline)
Do you want to become the highly productive and efficient machine you were meant to become? Do you want to learn how to produce record breaking growth in your business? In this powerful article I am going to give you 4 incredible tips that will greatly multiply your productivity.
01/16/2017 11:35 AM
4 Compelling Tips That Will Allow You To Become 10 Times More Productive Than Your Competition
In the competitive business world you need any edge you can get. One of those edges is becoming more efficient and productive than your competition. In this groundbreaking article, I will give you 4 potent tips that will allow you to do this and beyond.
01/10/2017 08:41 AM
5 Steps to Being More Organized in 2017
Make a fresh start in 2017 and begin with your home, because you know that an organized house means a more relaxed you. Create a cleaning schedule, make a meal plan, and clear the clutter. These five steps will help your abode run like a well-oiled machine.
11/28/2016 09:00 AM
How To Quickly Declutter Your House Today
When we stuff things in our home and allow them to accumulate, we are actually unknowingly creating a stressful environment. This article teaches you how to de-clutter your house with just 4 simple tricks today.
11/09/2016 09:16 AM
Get Your Bedroom Organised With Ease
Fitted wardrobes allow you to transform your bedroom and to get it organised. While it can be fun to have plenty of clothing and shoes for any occasion, you need a way to keep them neat and clutter free. The home you live in may not offer you enough closet space, and that is frustrating. Moving doesn't have to be the answer and neither does expensive remodelling.
11/08/2016 09:57 AM
See It, Like It, Buy It! But Wait, the Organizer Exclaims!
We all know the holidays will be here shortly and that means shopping. I know you will be shopping for others, but let's be honest and admit that we also see things we would like for ourselves -- which reminds me of a client story I'd like to share...
10/18/2016 08:57 AM
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men - I'm Only Human!
Through the narration of a true story, this demonstrates the importance of planning and that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Even if you think you have planned for every eventuality, unless you have a plan b, you probably have not!
10/13/2016 03:47 PM
Is Clutter Creating Obstacle Courses in Your Life?
Clutter can create obstacle courses in your life. Applying good daily habits and routines can fight clutter, and, hopefully, slow down the gathering of too much stuff. Here are 5 ways to tame the clutter.
09/01/2016 10:30 AM
Get Rid Of Your Clutter Forever
Is your wardrobe overflowing? Does your house look like a museum? Have you got cartons and bags full of stuff you plan to look into "someday", but the day just refuses to arrive? Don't worry you are not the only one! You can either move the clutter around or you can cut it off at the source. Instead of buying new storage containers just step back and take a look at your shopping habits. Imagine how much more you can enjoy your weekends and paychecks when you break the cycle of excess consumption. Take a look at these strategies for bringing less clutter into your life.
08/12/2016 02:44 PM
3 Tips on Getting Your To Do List Completed
Get that to do list completed with these 3 tips. You need to schedule, prioritize, and get it done in a timely manner.
08/08/2016 07:57 AM
Elegant Tips for Learning How to Be More Organized
Are you an organized person or the opposite? Whatever category you fall in, this article gives you tips on how to get more organized both at home and office. Look inside to find out.
07/27/2016 08:15 AM
Is Your Inbox Making You Rip Your Hair Out?
When you sign into your computer each day, are you just aghast at the volume? You're not alone! Read on for some tips in bringing back the sanity you are so craving!
07/20/2016 08:55 AM
Get Rid of Old Books
We all love reading books. Everyone has their own taste, some like history, some are fond of biographies, horror stories, love stories, comics, detective novels, war/crime related stories, motivational and inspirational books, and this list never ends. Apart from novels and stories, there are our course books as well. Mostly, we don't like them and are just waiting for the semester to end so we can just put them away forever. With time, when we are having a huge collection of books, which we don't study now, it creates a mess. It is difficult to arrange them and take care of them this is the time when we think of getting rid of old ones which may make space for new ones.
07/15/2016 02:27 PM
Confusion to Organization - Clean Up Your Laptop!
I keep all kinds of writing info on my laptop: research, versions, ideas, and nonsense. It's important to keep it all -- but it's also important to keep those things organized.
06/28/2016 07:14 AM
Are You Drowning In Your Abundance?
Are you feeling that there's 'just too much' of everything these days? That sort of abundance isn't doing you any good at all! Read on for more on this thought...
06/27/2016 09:17 AM
Declutter Your Life, Change Your World
Decluttering and organizing your surroundings can be life-altering - lifting the weight of the possessions, papers, digital clutter and commitments that burden you can open your space and mind to opportunities that were previously obscured. This month I offer a few simple tips to help you start to experience the peacefulness that comes with decluttering some key areas of your life. Keep in mind that organizing for the long term involves more than just clearing the clutter, but experiencing some quick victories will most likely motivate you to dig in deeper and create a lifetime of benefits.
06/01/2016 07:33 AM
5 Top Tips To Be Better Organised in Business, Work and Life
Quite often we know what we want to achieve in life, but we do not know how to plan our lives to achieve it. Organisation and planning are vital if we want to get to where we want to go. They are also crucial to getting organised and ensuring our success. Organisation is about maintaining the right balance in our lives. It is about being able to allocate the right amount of time and attention to a given task so that it is fully completed. In order to do this we must accept certain fundamentals: there are only 24 hours in a day; we can only accomplish so much in a day; tasks often take longer than we anticipate; whatever we focus on we tend to accomplish. In order to get yourself organised try these tips:
05/31/2016 08:10 AM
So, What IS Organizing?
We all want to BE organized, but do we really know what it is? Do we know all the ways being organized (or not) affects us and those around us? Read on!
05/27/2016 07:12 AM
Why Am I Unorganized?
Ever wonder why your are unorganized and just can't seem to get it together? There are many reasons, but 3 really come into play often. Chronic disorganization, adult ADHD, and situational disorganization.
05/06/2016 07:57 AM
Kaizen Is Akin to The Sleight Edge!
In working for small changes, the Japanese have a philosophy of Kaizen for continually working at improvements. Read on to see what this is all about, and how it is similar to Jeff Olson's "The Sleight Edge!"

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