Relationships Information

Relationships Information

Your Relationships Begin With You

As a single male in my mid-twenties, I find myself consciously and unconsciously thinking about and searching for that special someone. My goal has always been to be friends with my future wife for at least a year, date for a year, engaged for a year, which includes being married by the time I'm thirty.

Essense of Infidelity

On one very popular web site there were 260 posts from both sexes commenting about forgiving and forgetting infidelities. I read every one of them.

Washroom Break

Picture yourself at a bar with some of your buddies. Everybody is having a good time.

Do Men Just Want Mommy?

Accomplished women are losers in romance claims NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd in her column titled "Men Just Want Mommy." She says powerful men want to marry women who are caretakers like secretaries, assistants, nannies, flight attendants, etc.

Better Than Help

One thing that women in abusive relationships and their family and friends frequently request is 'help'; help to change the situation. While I understand, and can relate only too well, to their sentiment, the term 'help' makes me feel uncomfortable.

The Flames of Love

Suppose you have everything; a good job, good health, good reputation, good relationships and lot of money to spend. But still there is something missing from your life.

Get Lucky In Your Love Life

Whether you are single or married, we all need luck in relationship and romance. It could be for getting a lifetime soul mate or to strengthen you relationship with your current spouse.

Dont Avoid Conflict and Confrontation with Your Spouse

"I just let him handle things his way." "We're not very good at resolving problems, so I let it go.

Extramarital Affairs: What Everyone Needs to Know and What You Can Do to Help

Recent statistics suggest that 40% of women (and that number is increasing) and 60% of men at one point indulge in extramarital affairs. Put those numbers together and it is estimated that 80% of the marriages will have one spouse at one point or another involved in marital infidelity.

46 Clues Your Partner is Having an Affair

Some of these signs of a cheating spouse are "tongue in cheek" while others are tell tale signs that commonly appear with a cheating husband or cheating wife. There is no copyright.

Cheating Spouse: 7 Legitimate Motives for Spying

Should you spy on your cheating husband or wife? You believe you see signs of a cheating spouse. The need to know whether your spouse is cheating and EXACTLY what kind of cheating is taking place is often strong.

Cheating Husband/Wife: 6 Keys to Know if You are Ready to Handle What You Might Find When You Spy

When you spy on your suspected cheating spouse, please make sure you consider all the possibilities you might encounter and whether you can handle them.Have you considered the many situations that spying might uncover? Can you imagine the worst thing you might find? Predict what your response will be to the worst-case scenario.

Cheating Spouse: Is Spying an Invasion of Privacy?

My, how the cheating spouse cries foul when he/she discovers you are spying.Outrage can be intense: "How dare you!! I never thought you would stoop to that! How could you!? How can there be trust in this relationship if you do that? This is none of your business; I don't spy and go behind your back! Now you know why I want to pull away from you.

Infidelity: Spying is NOT Revenge

Do not use what you find on your cheating spouse as ammunition for revenge. Sure, you may have wonderfully violent fantasies of what you would really like to do to him/her and the other person.

10 Crucial and Surprising Steps to Build Trust in a Relationship

1. Be predictable.

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Relationships Articles from
03/16/2018 08:19 AM
The Mind's Fight for Acceptance, the Heart's Battle for Love
When I'm vulnerable my psychology sits atop a knife's edge; I either progress to repentance or topple into resentment. And it's people who just happen to benefit or pay.
03/15/2018 08:12 AM
Relationships: Is Our Life Defined By The Inner Models That Other People Have Of Us?
When one meets someone for the first time, they might not know anything about them. However, once they have spent a little while in their company, they will start to construct an inner model of what they are like.
03/14/2018 12:58 PM
Loyalty Makes You Family
It hardly comes as a surprise that blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family. Growing up, I always saw all of my relatives tear each other apart or taking sides instead of sticking together. And I am sure many of you can relate to this. So, I realized a long time ago I had to build my own circle.
03/12/2018 08:21 AM
When Life's Trials and Tribulations Are Overwhelming Your Well-Being, Take Heart
A rainy Sunday morning in normally sunny California, a portend of something undesirable and unwelcome was inevitably coming closer to disturb my quietude. I launched my desktop computer to see what I had missed overnight. Soon I wished I had not made that effort so early in my day.I opened and began reading an email straight from the bowels of hell, a missive of deceit and hate, news of the worst possible kind at the worst possible moment for me right now. My split-second reaction was a gripping sense of panic as a wave of anxiety swept over me like the frigid, foretelling wind from the darkest reaches of Antarctica. My vision blurred momentarily, and my head bowed towards the ground as if I might lose consciousness. I opened and began reading an email straight from the bowels of hell, a missive of deceit and hate, news of the worst possible kind at the worst possible moment for me right now. My split-second reaction was a gripping sense of panic as a wave of as a wave of anxiety swept over me like the frigid, foretelling wind from the darkest reaches of Antarctica.
03/09/2018 03:41 PM
Friendliness for Fighting and Freedom
Friendliness is a wisdom that wins every fight. It is impossible to fight someone who insists on being friendly. It refuses temptation to hurt, continuing to hope for the best in the other person and the relationship.
03/04/2018 06:38 PM
Relationships: Why Do Some People Feel Trapped Around Others?
While reaching out to others and experiencing intimacy is normal for some people, there are others who experience life in a very different way. When someone can reach out to others and experience intimacy, they could be in a fulfilling relationship.
03/02/2018 08:04 AM
Relationships: Why Are Some Men Attracted To Women Who Need To Be Saved?
If a man was to find out that a woman is unable to handle life and needs other people to prop her up, he could soon come to the conclusion that it would be better for him to move on It will be only too clear that being with a woman like this is going to be more trouble than it's worth. Two Parts - Now, this is not to say that they won't find her attractive, for instance, as they might be drawn to her appearance. What it means is that this...
03/01/2018 07:57 AM
Playing With Your Partner in Silly Ways
In order to ignite or get the spark of your ongoing relationship, you need to play with each other and be silly for a few minutes during the day. This strengthens the bond and helps you feel better about yourself and each other. So how do you play? Look inside for tips.
02/27/2018 07:55 AM
There Is A Reason Why We Look To One Person To Meet All Of Our Needs
A little while ago, I wrote about when my father worked with a healer called, Errol Campbell, and after I wrote this article, I ended up sharing it with him. Yet, before I wrote this article, I wasn't sure if I would have enough content within me to write an article about this moment.
02/26/2018 08:09 AM
Relationships: Why Do Some Women Lose Respect When A Man Expresses His Emotions?
In recent years, a lot has been said about how important it is for men to open up about how they feel and to embrace their inherent vulnerability. It could be said that it is a good thing that this has been taking place.
02/22/2018 08:03 AM
Relationships: Do Some Women's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Dependent On Men?
When a woman is an individual, she will be able to pay attention to her own needs and feelings. Not only this, she will have good boundaries, meaning that she will generally have a strong sense of herself.
02/21/2018 03:55 PM
Who Are the Reptilians?
There has been jumbled up concepts in the origin of Man, whether they are from outer space, or are parts of here. Even some go as far as saying they are from the constellation Pleiades, They call themselves pleiadians. Ans some go as far as indicating that the shadow government is populated by what they call reptilians-reptiles in human form.
02/21/2018 08:01 AM
We, My Friends, Are Walking Mirrors
HAVE you ever noticed that, no matter how confident you are, eye contact is harder with a person who avoids eye contact? Or, when someone gives you intentional eye contact their attention provokes your own attention? Whilst we tend not to notice it, we do tend to mirror each other.
02/19/2018 03:44 PM
The Pencil Man
This article addresses that fact that, although adversity and difficulty can cause a strain on an individual, the need to maintain dignity remains so important. It's a thought we should visit often, and share with our children and grandchildren.
02/15/2018 10:02 AM
Very Last Resort Relationship Advice
"The best relationship advice I can give you is make sure you're the crazy one." If you think I wouldn't be the first person you'd go to for relationship advice let me set one thing straight- you're right. But, you are here for my relationship advice so that must mean that I'm not the first person that you've gone to. So I'm going to start with the number one rule in a relationship.
02/15/2018 07:59 AM
Relationships: Do Some Men's Childhood's Set Them Up To Develop A Saviour Complex?
While there are some men who offer their assistance when it is needed, there are others who have a different approach. Here, it is not going to be enough for a man to offer their hand from time to time, they will need to take things further.
02/14/2018 07:57 AM
Single or Otherwise Segregated on Valentine's Day
I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I see Valentine's Day like Mother's and Father's Days. It is a divisive day. I've come to dislike these days because it segregates the have nots from the haves.
02/11/2018 08:24 PM
Loneliness Makes Two
THEY say that it is what we lack that compels us to appreciate and go after our purpose. Of course, that's it. Wherever we're fulfilled there is no need to search a thing out.
02/08/2018 09:10 AM
Your "Relationship Quotient" (RQ): Share Your Feelings
Here is an exercise married couples can do to grow closer together. In "Share Your Feelings," couples are asked to disclose something on their hearts and minds that they might not have shared with their partner. This article tells you how to do that and why you should do that.
02/07/2018 08:07 AM
Relationships: Do Some Women's Childhood's Set Them Up To Attract Submissive Men?
There are some women who attract men who are in touch with their masculine strength, while there are others who don't. As a result of this, their experiences with the opposite sex are going to be very different.
02/06/2018 03:38 PM
Controlling Behaviour: Do Some People's Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Controlling?
For some people, it is a case of either controlling others or being controlled; there is no middle ground. Even so, this doesn't mean that this is something that goes through their mind.
02/05/2018 09:39 PM
Who's Your Valentine?
As we approach February 14th it is time to think about relationships and their meaning. Ponder the following: 1. Most people spend more time shopping for a new vehicle than finding a partner.
02/05/2018 09:38 PM
Time for Paws
Have you ever noticed that some people treat their animals better than they treat other people? They beam when Spot enters the room and spend time greeting and cuddling him. The cat eats gourmet food out of Royal Dolton and crystal.
02/04/2018 09:04 AM
Dating: Should Someone Message Another Person If They Go Silent?
Nowadays, there are so many ways for people to find someone to be with, which is a far cry from how it used to be. In the past, one would have had to physically meet another person in order to be able to take the next step, but this is not longer necessary.
02/04/2018 09:04 AM
Swings, Roundabouts and Those Competitive Comparisons
MANY times, I have counselled people in the phenomenon of the level playing field that life invariably is, generally. Some get off to a flying start in their twenties, succeeding at everything they do, whilst others seem to fall very far behind the eight ball. Some of us ride the swings, others of us ride the roundabouts.
01/30/2018 09:18 PM
Relationships: Why Do Some Women Alternate Between 'Bad Boys' And 'Nice Guys'?
While there are plenty of women who are only drawn to men who are kind and respectful, for instance, there are also plenty of women who aren't. As a result of this, their relationships with men are going to be radically different.
01/27/2018 08:49 AM
Relationships: Why Do Some People Stay In Touch With Their Ex?
If one's relationship has just come to an end, they could decide to cut their ties and to move on with their life. As a result of this, they are not going to want to stay in touch with their ex.
01/26/2018 08:03 AM
Relationships: Can Someone's Unmet Childhood Needs Cause Them To Expect Too Much From Others?
Before one gets into a relationship, they can have a rough idea about the kind of person who they want to be with. Along with this, there can be what they expect to receive when they are with them.
01/25/2018 08:05 AM
Critical Thinking: Does A Woman Need To Seek Professional Help If She Believes That All Men Are Bad?
In today's world, it appears to be perfectly acceptable for a woman in the public eye to bash men. She can say all kinds of things that will basically amount to men being less-than human and worthless, and absolutely nothing will be done.
01/22/2018 08:11 AM
Relationships: Why Would Someone Act Really Interested?
There could be moments in one's life when they come into contact with people who don't act all that interested, whilst there could be others moments when this is not the case. Here, another person could act as though one is the most important person on the planet.
01/21/2018 10:11 AM
Relationships: Can Someone End Up With The Wrong Person If They Feel Low?
If one was to find themselves in a position where they feel down, they could feel the need to get in a relationship. They could believe that being with someone else will make their life better, thereby allowing them to feel good about.
01/21/2018 10:07 AM
They Retain Your Trust, As You Retain Their Respect
CONDITIONAL love is the same as conditional respect. In response to safe boundaries some people respond by switching off their respect. Some people think that love and respect are dependent on how they feel. But effective relationships depend on love and respect if trust is to flow.
01/19/2018 09:36 AM
Relationships: Does A Woman Lack Self-Awareness If She Believes That All Men Are The Same?
There are some women in today's world who believe that all men are the same, and it could be said that this is nothing new. It might not be inaccurate to say that this is how it has always been, but it has certainly been this way for a little while.
01/19/2018 08:15 AM
Four Basic Steps to Biblical Reconciliation
RECONCILING moments, situations, conflicts and relationships is the major life task. None of us is immune to the hurts that come so frequently with ferocity in life. Yet, when we show we can overcome these hurts using a tried-and-tested method that is easily learned, and practiced with persistence, we find we have overcome our world in Jesus' name (see John 16:33).
01/18/2018 09:45 AM
Relationships: Can Someone Put Up With Controlling Behaviour When They Are Emotionally Dependent?
When two people are in a relationship, they can continue to express who they are and to fulfil their own needs. As a result of this, their time together will have a positive effect on both of them.
01/17/2018 08:32 AM
Comparisons With Others - When It Can Be Good
THERE is one comparison with others we should be making, for our gratitude, to grow in compassion, to train ourselves to see more like God, for our own good. And ultimately for others' good too.
01/11/2018 08:21 AM
Is Someone's View Of The Opposite Sex Created At A Time When They Couldn't Think Clearly?
In the same way that people have different outlooks when it comes to how they perceive different countries, they also have different outlooks when it comes to how they perceive the opposite sex. There will be some people who generally have good things to say about the opposite sex, whilst there will be others who don't.
01/10/2018 03:37 PM
Life Is What You Make Of It
It always amazes me how some people with disabilities make so much of their lives. Think of injures solders who have lost limbs and other paralympians. Or people who are blind and deaf or in other ways compromised. Many of these people besides getting on with their lives, despite their adversity are often happy cheerful people, eager to help others.
01/09/2018 12:00 PM
Human Relations Are Beautiful
Respect and value all your relationships. They are genuinely an integral part of our well being, are utmost meaningful and valuable no matter who the other person is. Relationships are neither a smooth ride nor a cake walk. Every single day, you have to invest your time and positive energy for relationships to evolve and succeed. Being honest helps in building a robust friendship.
01/05/2018 04:07 PM
Is Guilt Impacting Your Relationships and? If So, How You Can Stop It?
GUILT is a bounty for the addicted, yet guilt, if anything, is the common addiction. The question is, how do we cut it from our lives? The real problem with guilt in our lives is that it causes us to act in ways that hinder our relationships.
01/04/2018 04:20 PM
Relationships: Do We Judge Others In The Same Way That We Judge Ourselves?
It could be said that just about everyone on this planet judges others from time to time. However, one of the main differences is that some people are more judgmental than others.
01/03/2018 08:05 AM
This Guy Was Great At Approaching Women
Towards the end of 2007, I started to look for information on how to improve my success with women. After I had been reading about self-development for quite some time, this seemed like the next step.
12/27/2017 08:28 AM
Relationships: What Is The Difference Between A Man Who Hates Women And A Man Who Hates Men?
What might not surprise someone is that some men hate women, yet what might surprise them is that there are some men who hate men. It might be hard for them to accept this, especially as they are men themselves.
12/26/2017 09:02 AM
Relationships: Can A Man's Unmet Childhood Needs Make Him Want To Sleep With A Lot Of Women?
There are some men who generally have relationships, while there are others who have absolutely no interest in having one. But even if a man doesn't want to have a relationship, it doesn't mean that he has always been this way.
12/26/2017 08:04 AM
Thinking About Dionysus the Greek God of Wine and His Relevence
Ever since I read the book by Dr. Ved Prakash about the ancient Hindu books like the Vedas and their Hebrew connection, Greek and Roman Mythology along with Hebrew tales have interested me greatly. Greek mythology is perhaps the oldest of the western philosophy and one god who commands great attention is the Dionysus, the god of wine.
12/25/2017 03:03 PM
Can Someone's Unmet Childhood Needs Cause Them To Expect Other People To Be Unconditionally Loyal?
If someone wants to be in a relationship, there can be a number of things that they will be looking for in a partner. Firstly, there can be the need to be with someone who has a certain appearance and, secondly, there can be the requirements that they have when it comes to their personality.
12/19/2017 10:15 AM
Humanology for Couples - Personal Beliefs
How should I behave in a relationship? How should the other person behave?
12/19/2017 08:07 AM
Are You Prepared to Give What You Demand for Yourself?
THE question is rhetorical. Of course, we cannot give to another that which we demand for ourselves. Yet, so many relationships are pitched this way: you give me what I want (read: demand) and then I will give you what you want.
12/19/2017 08:07 AM
Do You See What I See? Seeing From the Heart of Others
ALL our lives we search for the secret, the meaning, heaven on earth, nirvana. And do we find it? No, we never do. This is because...
12/16/2017 10:04 AM
Relationships: Why Are Some People Emotionally Dependent On Their Partner?
In today's world, it is not uncommon for someone to say that they need to be with another person in order to feel complete. Yet, even if they don't say this explicitly, their behaviour could say this implicitly.

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